About Us


To Ajit Solar the renewable energy sector with products that are indigenously developed, qualitatively superior and affordable to adopt.


To provide world class products and services which are value driven and help reduce dependence on non renewable energy sources


Customer Delight

We are a service oriented company that likes to WOW our customers every time. We innovate, deliver world class products and support our customers as they make decisions of foresight. We put our customers first and their contentment is our true reward.

Product Innovation

Creativity and innovation are the sacred tenets of our existence. With or without Government support we are committed to innovating in the field of alternate, renewable energy, so that our consumers can access high quality products at affordable rates.

Flourishing Environment

We are deeply committed to change, and an environment that is safe and healthy. We will do all in our power to give consumers environmentally friendly choices, and develop products that a qualitatively superior and less burdensome on the environment.

Established in 2015 Ajit Solar Industries is a renewable energy company that specializes in solar powered energy solutions including solar thermal systems, Steam Generation, Solar Power Plant, and Solar Home Light and so on.

We are a national & international design and solar installation company based in Aurangabad. Our network of technologists and installers across the India gives us collective data and information of new developments in our industry, making Ajit Solar industries one of the most advanced solar water heater & panel installation companies in Aurangabad.

Ajit Solar industries is the industrialized enterprise, which specially works on the solar thermal energy application technology, development and research and the producing and sale. It is a high and new-technology enterprise in producing solar water heating system and solar energy relevant products. Ajit Solar industries has always inherited the enterprise spirit and marketing idea of “public oriented and to seek truth and make innovation”. Professional conservation and regenerating energy specialists and advisors make a trailblazing and deep study of solar energy water heater. A series of Ajit Solar industries solar water heater products and solar energy heat collection project products are developed and produced. It has had a high popularity in the industry and become one of the ISO9001, Test certificate holder of Pune University REGIONAL TEST CENTRE the Certificate of the Government Authoritative. Its products are planned to sell to many countries, such as South Africa, South Korea, East and South Asian and many other. Ajit Solar industries people will make continuous efforts for the benefits of all mankind by the novel sunlight industry.

Ajit Solar industries always aims at quality, reliability and efficiency. This means, the company uses the best materials available, utilizes a thorough quality management regime and continuing training for the staff and caters to the needs of its customers. The eco-friendly products of Ajit Solar industries shall not only go a long way in helping global efforts in conserving the environment but also helps customers in reducing their electricity bills, thereby generating additional savings.